Nissanol Coolant (1-4) – 5 Ltr


These are non petroleum base engine coolant cum-antifreeze, formulated from athylene glycol and special inhibitors. It is used in all types of automotive vehicles / industrial engine radiators, for protection against winter – freezing and summer boil out of the cooling liquid.

Color:  Green

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Product Features

Easy miscibility with water. Excellent cooling properties. High boiling point and low freezing point. All kind of petrol/diesel engine driven passenger cars, jeeps, vans, commercial vehicles and stationary engines operating with water as a cooling medium.

Product Benefits

Noncorrosive and antirust. An ideal medium which lubricates continuously bearings, seals and other critical parts of water pumps. Protects all metal including aluminium.


Diluction recommended nissanol coolant 1/4 rd parts of coolant with 2/3rd parts of distilled water.

Performance and Standards

Jis-k-2234 and is 5759-1994 specification.

Packaging Detail

210 LTR / 20 LTR / 5 LTR / 3 LTR / 1 LTR

Technical Specification

Boiling point, c, min. : 160
Freezing point, c, max. : – 34
Ph value : 7 – 9
Reserve alkalinity, ml. : 21 – 24 water content, %, max : 5