Nissanol Power Plus – 20w40 (CF-4) – 500 Ml


Nissanol power plus 20w40 oils are long drain engine oils, having good built-in alkline reserves to combat corrosive wear that may result from the use of high sulfur fuel. These oils possess high oxidation stability and thermal stability to resist decomposition in service and having excellent ability to control viscosity due to soot related oil thickening.

Color: RED

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Product Features:

1. Provides excellent protection against high temperature, engine deposit, ring groove carbon, piston and bearing lacquer, top deck, and crankcase sludge.

2. High oxidant stability protects against the formation of gums, varnish and resists oil thickening and filter plugging for longer drain period.

Product Benefits

Overall outstanding performance accounts to fuel-saving and prolonged engine life


Recommended for use in tata motors, Ashok Leyland, Eicher HCV & lcv & also recommended for use in tractors manufactured by eicher, escorts, hmt. John deere, Mahindra & Mahindra, new holland, sonalika, swaraj, tafe and all types of two-wheeler and gensets in both turbo and natural sapirated engines.

Performance and Standards

1. Meet api – cf-4, mil – l -2104c.

2. Equivalent to is – 13656 – 1993

Packaging Detail

210 LTR / 205 LTR / 50 LTR / 26 LTR / 20 LTR / 10 LTR / 7.5 LTR /7 LTR / 6 LTR / 5 LTR / 3.5 LTR / 3 LTR / 1 LTR / 500 ML

Technical Specification

Appearance: red color
Kinmetic viscosity cst @ 100 c: 13.5 – 16
Viscosity index, min.: 115
Pour poin, c, max.: -7
Flash point coc, c min: 225
Tbn, mg. Koh/gm.: 8 – 12