Nissanol brand Lubricants are manufactured under very stringent controls to ensure its quality and consistency and up-to-date laboratory methods are used to maintain these standards. With a well-established quality management system for our lubricant & Grease production.

Our commitment to providing quality products at a competitive price with an emphasis on value-added services is one of the keys focuses of our company’s philosophy. With more than 10 years of experience, we remain committed today in providing high-quality lubricants and services.


Napson Lubricants’ mission is to provide the highest quality petroleum products, coupled with the best service to its many diversified customers, thereby increasing its customer base and customer satisfaction.


We are also proud to announce that NAPSON LUBRICANTS PVT, LTD. has been awarded as ISO 9001: 2015 Certified company by BS Certification Services Ltd. HONG KONG


We feel immense pleasure to announce that NAPSON LUBRICANTS PVT LTD. has been awarded as BEST QUALITY AWARD of 2017


In Napson Lubricants, we are fully aware of the changing markets and have become increasingly complex and competitive. It is our commitment to continuously invest in skills, technology, facilities, and manpower to keep abreast of these changes. Our success relies importantly upon strategic business alliances with our agents, distributors, business partners and customers. At Napson, we have touched the future with great confidence and anticipation.


Our commitment to rendering services to our customers and society at large always reminds us to uphold our principles and have a continual improvement towards attaining this vision. Accordingly, we believe in Professionalism in our approach.

• Dedication for quality and excellence

• Enthusiastic customer service. We will continue our efforts to achieve the highest performance level, together with challenging spirit as well as high-quality products to deal with, in our business field.