Nissanol Long Life Jelly Grease (NLGI-3)


It is a premium quality lithium based all-purpose grease fortified with mild ep additives. It is specially formulated to enhance the re-lubrication interval, up to 45,000 km under ideal road condition. It is good thermal, chemical and structural stability including water washout properties.

Color: Red



Product Features:

Lubrication and protects the components for a longer period. Excellent structural stability. High load-carrying capacity. Antirust and corrosion capabilities. Super thickness. Optimum lubrication, even under adverse mechanical conditions.

Product Benefits

It provides excellent lubrication and protection to the bearing parts over a wide temprature & pressure range, under normal as well as adverse mechanical conditions.


Lubrication of plain as well as anti-friction bearing in automotive, earth moving equipment, mining equipment and genral industrial mechinaries. Heavy duty ball and roller bearings of steel rolling mills, operating under adverse conditions. Universal joints and spline shaft working under heavy torque or with acute transmission angles. Suitable for bearings operating at temprature up to 150 c.

Packaging Detail

180 KG / 18 KG / 5 KG / 3 KG / 2 KG / 1 KG / 500 GM