Utto Wet Break – API GL – 4/J – 20/C/D


Nissanol Utto Wet Break – API GL – 4/J – 20/C/D oil is a special purpose hydraulic and transmission oil designed to lubricate tractor transmission, differentials, and final drive gears. It also functions as a power steering, power brake, power take-off and implements drive fluid with sufficient friction and heat transfer characteristics to facilitate the efficient operation of tractor wet breaks and power take-off units.

Color:  Golden



Product Features:

1. Widely used for agriculture tractors fitted with oil-immersed brakes. 2. Adequate operating viscosity at all temperatures ensures lubrication efficiency.3. Ensures quiet and chatter-free operation under all climatic conditions. 4. Compatible with seal materials used in transmission systems.

Product Benefits

1. Superior gear wears protection. 2. Stays in grade under all conditions. 3. Proects against corrosion.


Recommended for use in all tractor having oil-immersed brakes and backhoe loaders of telcon Jd, l & t, case, JCB, volvo, caterpillar, terex, mahindra & mahindra, eicher, tafe, same, fiat, Massey Ferguson, ford & new holland having wet brake systems.

Performance and Standards

Meets api gl – 4 j20 c/d ford m2c 134d 31141.

Packaging Detail

1 LTR / 5 LTR / 10 LTR / 20 LTR / 26 LTR / 50 LTR / 210 LTR

Technical Specification

Kinmetic viscosity cst @ 100 c : 9.5 – 11.5
Viscosity index : 140
Pour poin, c, max. : -15
Flash point (coc), c min. : 220 rust protection : no rust