Deltron Synth (API SN) 5w40

Description :

Deltron synth 5w40 is a synthetic oil manufactured using high quality of oils produced through isomerization & sever hydrogenation process. Fortified with a combination of modern additives, which provides protection against deposite / sludge’s rust & corrosion. Its highly stable molecular strength gives trouble free operation with lower maintenance costs and give high fuel efficiency with longer engine life.

Color: White


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Product Features:

1. High level of detergency / dispersancy keeps the insoluble products/sludge dispersed in the body of oil.

2. Outstanding oxidation / thermal stability provides the benefits of extended oil service life.

Product Benefits

1. High level of wear proteciton under a variety of operating conditions.

2. Easy cold starting with lower coefficient of friction of the oil provides the benefits of resource conserving.


Recommended for modern day high performance cars running on petrol / diesel / cng.

Performance and Standards

Meets api sn/acea-a3/b4 requirement.

Packaging Detail

1 LTR / 3 LTR / 3.5 LTR / 4 LTR / 4.5 LTR / 5 LTR / 50 LTR / 210 LTR

Technical Specification

Kinmetic viscosity cst @ 100 c : 10.5 – 12.5
Viscosity index, min. : 150
Pour poin, c, max. : -50
Flash point (coc), c, min. : 230 tbn, mg. Of koh/gm. : 8 – 9