MONSTER – 15w40 (CI-4 PLUS)


Nissanol MONSTER – 15w40 (CI-4 PLUS) is a very high-performance diesel engine oil formulated with advanced additive technology to provide outstanding wear protection,soot control and bearing corrosion protechtion to meet api ci-4 pluse specification. Outstanding soot dispersancy protects against abrasive wear and soot – induced oil thickening and ensures good low-temperature pumpability even with soot-laden oil. High dispersancy-detergency and a high alkaline reserve ( tbn) provide extra protection in the extended drain or severe service intervals, and in egr-equipped engines.



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Product Features:

1. Unique dispersant and detergent technology (udd) with premium group ii base oils, provide advanced
2. The extended tbn reserve enables extended drain interval capability and the high viscosity index res.
3. Very low oil consumption and hence increased drain interval.
4. Extremely good soot handling capacity
5. Better engine protection and durability.


Its superior additive technology and balanced formulation allows running on virtually all types of engines in the on and off highway application.Is recommened for most heavy earth moving machinery engines typers found in construction and mining equipment

Performance and Standards

Exceeds api-ci4 plus • acea e7-08

Packaging Detail

LTR / 5 LTR / 6 LTR / 7 LTR / 7 .5 LTR / 10 LTR / 11 LTR / 15 LTR / 20 LTR / 50 LTR / 205 LTR / 210 LTR

Technical Specification

Appearance : clear bright golden color
Kinmetic viscosity cst @ 100 c : 14.5 – 17.5
Viscosity index, min. : 135
Pour poin, c, max. : -24
Flash point coc, c min : 210 tbn, mg. Koh/gm. : 9.5 – 12.5