Nissanol Cruize Synth 4T 15w50 (API SN)


NISSANOL CRUIZE 15W50 is a synthetic oil developed from Group-II Base Oil and selected additives for use in motorcycles above 150CC Engine and other cruize bikes with advanced molecules to protect your engine under severe conditions.

  • Meets the requirements of API SN / JASO MA 2.
  • Keeps the engine clean ensuring smooth ride.
  • Excellent Protection from Corrosion to the Vital Parts of the Engine.
  • Recommended for cruize bikes with engine capacity more than 150CC and others from Major Manufacturers like Royal Enfield Bullet, Bajaj, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, TVS, Mahindra, etc.


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Product Features:

Provides excellent protection against high temperature, engine deposits, ring groove carbon, piston and bearing lacquer, top deck, and crankcase sludge. Overall outstanding performance accounts to fuel-saving and prolonged engine life.

Product Benefits

1. High performance for long drives.

2. Effective rust and corrosion inhibition property ensures longer life of critical engine components. 3. Controlled friction properties eliminate clutch slippage to increased power and improves drivability.


Reccommended for all new generation 4 stroke, two wheelers, plying under severe duty conditions like frequent stop & go, dusty environment, variable climatic condiitons etc. Viz. Royal enfield thunder bird 500, thunder bird 350, classic 500 etc.

Performance and Standards

Meets api sm grade performance level & exceeds the stringent requirements of jaso: ma-2.

Packaging Detail

210 LTR / 50 LTR / 2.5 LTR

Technical Specification

“KINMETIC VISCOSITY @ 100 Deg C CST : 16.5 – 18
POUR POIN, Deg C, max. : -12
FLASH POINT (COC), Deg C : 225 TBN, mg. OF KOH/gm. : 7 – 9″