Nissanol Runlube 20w50 Cng Enging Oil (SF CF)


Nissanol runlube 20w50 oils are high-tech multigrade passenger car engine oils. Having upgraded oil thickening control and anti-wear properties. These oils contain highly shear stable viscosity index improver to retain multigrade characteristics over a wide range of operating conditions making them the ideal all-weather choice.

Color:  Golden

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Product Features:

Nissanol run lube oils exceed API sm and bis-13656-1993 performance levels, as & special featuire, the use of these oils result in fuel economy and increased oil drain period.

Product Benefits

These oils facilitate engine start-up under cold conditions while maintaining excellent engine protection under high temperature operation.


Runlube 20w50 is recommended for all models of new generation cars with new technology and also provide better operating performance in the earlier models. Also recommended in all type of motorcycles, and autorickshaws with four stroke engines suitable for use in autorickshaws operating on dual fuels, I.E. Petrol and cng/lpg.

Performance and Standards

1. Meet api-sf/cf 2. Equivalent to is – 13656 – 1993

Packaging Detail

210 LTR / 20 5LTR / 50 LTR / 3 LTR / 1 LTR

Technical Specification

Kinmetic viscosity cst @ 100 c : 16.5 – 20
Viscosity index, min. : 122
Pour poin, c, max. : -9
Flash point (coc), c, min. : 225 tbn, mg. Of koh/gm. : 6 – 7.5