Nissanol Dominator Synth (API SN) 5w30 1-ltr


Dominator synth 5w30 is a synthetic oil manufactured using high quality of oils produced through isomerization & sever hydrogenation process. Fortified with a combination of modern additives, which provides protection against deposits/sludge’s rust & corrosion. Its highly stable molecular strength gives trouble-free operation with lower maintenance costs and give high fuel efficiency with longer engine life.

Color: White

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Product Features:

1. High level of detergency / dispersancy keeps the insoluble products/sludge dispersed in the body of oil. 2. Outstanding oxidation / thermal stability provides the benefits of extended oil service life.

Product Benefits

1. High level of wear protection under a variety of operating conditions.

2. Easy cold starting with a lower coefficient of friction of the oil provides the benefits of resource-conserving.


Recommended for modern-day high-performance cars running on petrol/diesel/ CNG.

Performance and Standards

Meets api sn/acea-a3/b4 requirement.

Packaging Detail

210 LTR /205 LTR / 50 LTR / 3.5 LTR/ 3 LTR / 1 LTR

Technical Specification

Kinmetic viscosity cst @ 100 c : 10.5 – 12.5
Viscosity index, min. : 150
Pour poin, c, max. : -50
Flash point (coc), c, min. : 230 tbn, mg. Of koh/gm. : 8 – 9